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Saucony Bioengineering.

Saucony Original is a brand of sports shoes, for her and for him. The origins of Saucony date back to 1898, when the company was founded on the shores of Saucony Creek in Pennsylvania. The name "Saucony" is a term borrowed from the language used by Native Americans and means "river mouth". It is no coincidence that the Saucony logo is precisely the design of a stylized, "s" shaped river. In 1910, Saucony produced only eight hundred pairs of shoes a day and specialized in functional and children's shoes. Thirty years later, with the increase in turnover, she managed to make hundreds of pairs of baseball shoes, skates and bowling shoes, and, in the 1960s, she was able to even produce shoes for NASA astronauts. In 1968, however, the Saucony company, which in the meantime had specialized in the production of running shoes, was absorbed by Hyde and its headquarters were moved to Cambridge. Saucony shoes, however, were chosen by several groups of runners who knew their talents and that in 1977, thanks to these technical shoes have won the "Best Quality" award, awarded by Runner's World. Since then, the Saucony brand has been synonymous with quality and excellence for all corrodors, favored even by athletes who practice running at a competitive level. The Saucony bioengineering center has always been involved in the study and analysis of the stresses to which the foot is subjected during sports practice. In fact, in the phases of support, support and detachment, these shoes are able to cushion the impact with the ground and prevent serious trauma to tendons, ligaments and joints. Saucony, in 1980, was the first company to create a running shoe with the tubular method, in which the upper is entirely wrapped to the shape, determining the maximum flexibility and a fit as close as possible to the natural one generated by the barefoot foot. Furthermore, the midsole is an essential component of the shoe, in order to guarantee comfort, protection, breathability and well-being for the foot, even during long journeys. Vibrant colors on both the upper and the uncontrolled logo enliven the Saucony shoes, which have always been used by the vast majority of runners in the world.

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