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Ironic, colorful and concrete image.

Gai Mattiolo was born in Rome in 1968; although he has never attended any specific school, he has always been a fashion enthusiast, ever since he was very young. In 1987, he presented his first prêt -à- Porter collection in Milan. The ironic, colorful and concrete image of this collection, made up of sophisticated clothes, is very successful right from the start and still represents the distinguishing trait today. Gai Mattiolotivo of his creativity. It has been called "enfant prodige of Italian fashion". Very sensitive to the search for details and famous for his passion for buttons, which become a key element of his style. Unconventional, Gai seduces the woman with her ability to use Swarovski crystals, precious stones and her brilliant eccentricity. Gai Mattiolo Pope John XXIIIIhe highest recognition comes in 1996, the year in which Gai creates four chasubles, precious priestly vestments, for the Holy Father. During a private hearing, on December 23, 1996, as the most beautiful gift on his birthday, he has the honor of giving them to him. Gai Mattiolo is the first and for the moment the only one to have made priestly clothes for the Pope. Not only that, in the past Mattiolo made clothes with platinum threads, thousands of gold balls and the famous "$ 1 million jacket" with emeralds, rubies and diamonds, which is worn by Naomi Campbell and has entered the "Guinness of the primates ”for its cost and its uniqueness. However, its main goal is to find the right balance between luxury and Made in Italy. In December 2004, Gai Mattiolo's creations starred in the television program "The Swan" on Fox America, broadcast in the United States and 98 other countries around the world. In 2007 the reality show "America Next Top Model" decides to record one of the latest episodes at the Gai Mattiolo atelier. The program is broadcast in 89 countries. Gai Mattiolo with Naomi Cambpell In 2008, Mattiolo was the first in the world to be invited to have his creations paraded within the European Parliament. While in 2010 he was once again called to dress the most well-known TV personality in Italy at the most important song festival in Europe: the Sanremo Festival. 10 years later, history repeats itself, with the wonderful suits worn by the presenter Amadeus.Amadus Sanremo 2020 - Gai Mattiolo For years and still today, Gai Mattiolo wears the best-known faces of Italian and international television. One example is the opening TV show of the Universal EXPO of Milan, May 1st 2015. For the occasion, Gai Mattiolo wears the most famous Italian TV presenter, Antonella Clerici, with a precious jacket. The show is followed by over two billion people. After more than thirty years of career, Gai Mattiolo is still an established stylist and dresses numerous celebrities all over the world.

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