List of products by brand Façonnable®

Silhouettes that enhance the body.

The Faconnable brand has its birthplace in the city of Nice, in rue Paradis, where in 1950 the young tailor Jean Goldberg opened a boutique-atelier. The success of the brand is witnessed by movie stars who wore its clothes, the likes of Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. In 1961 the company passed into the hands of his son, Albert Goldberg, who, thanks to his father's lessons, created a new contemporary line that reflects the lifestyle of the French Riviera. In the 70s Faconnable reinvents the wardrobe of the modern man. The company began collaborating with some of the largest European and American companies of the time, such as Alden, Sebago and Van, to create a shoe collection. They are prolific years, Albert Goldberg, in collaboration with a prestigious brand like Loro Piana, creates the "Facorain". This element is an almost invisible membrane that allows precious materials, such as luxury wool and cashmere, to resist water and wind, without losing their breathable properties. In 1987, in order to expand the possibilities of combining stylish accessories with their garments, a new line of eyewear and sunglasses was created. For the same reason, in 1990 the offer expanded with the Faconnable line of watches. In 1993, Faconnable opened its first American boutique in New York, on the famous 5th street, right where the Gucci store at Rockefeller Center was located. In 1995 Albert Goldberg decided to create a collection dedicated to the American female world. The spirit behind this collection is the same as the men's collections, that is, based on the sartorial tradition of the French Riviera, but with silhouettes that enhance the woman's body. This line is hugely successful in America, so much so that Faconnable decides to create a women's line also for Europe in 1999. Faconnable thus becomes the leading representative of the French art of living, that is, doing everything with style and elegance. In 2001 Faconnable was acquired by the American group Nordstrom.

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