List of products by brand Tommy Hilfiger®

Cool and contemporary style.

Tommy Hilfiger is an American brand of easy-to-wear sportswear, which presents collections of trendy total looks for men, women and children, inspired by the University, the College of the States and the sport of golf, dedicated to a line of sportswear . His "cool" and contemporary style is reflected in the immediate communication of the logo that distinguishes it, a rectangle half white and half red, framed above and below by two blue bars bearing the name Tommy Hilfiger. From leather jackets to jeans jackets, from simple monochrome t-shirts to tailored garments, Tommy Hilfiger offers colorful collections, creating outfits that mix solid colors, eccentric patterns, and the inevitable "check" offered in a wide range of bright shades . The brand is inspired by rock and the 60s mood for the new denim line, which follows the trail of successful music and fashion, previously traced by many labels of the fashion system.

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