List of products by brand Mia Bag®

Canons of the female accessory.

Mia bag is a brand of bags whose stylistic timbre sees the creative inspiration of Monica Bianco, who also signs her own clothing line. Born almost as a game after the designer pulled an old duvet out of a trunk and was struck by its shiny nylon, the Mia Bag is a mix between a bag and the classic goose down jacket. From the shapes that go from the traditional shopping bag with handles, to the Kelly model of Hermes up to the rectangular one in the version with chains, the Mia Bag has different versions of topstitching, vertical and with small diamonds. The quilted bag, which recalls the texture of Chanel is available in different colors and patterns, from military to lace, and is suitable for ironic women, stoves of the usual leather bags and happy to overturn the canons of the female accessory thanks to the use of an unpublished material.

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