List of products by brand Mangano®

More than just a style, a passion.

A Made in Italy success story started in 1986, when the Mangano brothers embarked on a journey in search of a seductive and avant-garde style, starting from the closet under the house to arrive, in a few years, to have a company with hundreds of collaborators and numerous executive fashion boutiques, throughout Italy and abroad (shops & outlets). A sophisticated mix of refined atmospheres and references of overseas as well as a great passion for everything that surrounds them, these are just some of the secrets of the success of the Mangano collections (new collection). Each line is created after a careful analysis and research of the latest trends, each garment is made through a careful selection of raw materials. Furthermore, in order to respond to the needs of distribution, the Mangano Group has been able to verticalize itself in order to provide various types of projects, ranging from the classic showroom to the e-commerce formula (online shop), for customers who like to buy directly via web, from directional boutiques up to the partnership project (do business with Mangano). The philosophy with which the Mangano Group has grown and continues to grow is based on solid principles, on the constant commitment that every day its collaborators dedicate to their work, on the inexhaustible passion, on continuous research and attention to small details. A winning philosophy also at international level, thanks to an expansion project started in 2009 with the opening of the first sales outlet and a representative office in the capital of the Chinese economy, and today awarded with the birth of a new company called Mangano China, based in Shanghai. Mangano aims to change the classic concept of style going beyond the usual canons, thus defining a new trend increasingly cosmopolitan, with a strong character and high quality.

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