List of products by brand Secret Pon Pon®

Alternative and eccentric.

Secret Pon Pon is a trademark of Emma srl. The company was founded in the 90s and underwent a first transformation at the beginning of 2000, the year in which the current organizational structure is configured. The distribution network initially developed within the national market and subsequently in international markets, mainly in Europe, Russia, former Soviet Republics, Japan and the Middle East. Today Emma has defined new growth strategies, through the acquisition of the Secret Pon Pon brand, which took place in 2014. For the next few years, the company aims to consolidate its positions, concentrating its efforts on expanding into international markets, through a greater commercial penetration. Secret Pon Pon is a brand aimed at a glamorous consumer looking for an alternative and eccentric product. The collection revolves around the icon bag of the brand, the Birkin declined in different sizes and materials always in line with the latest fashion trends. The use of materials that are also alternative to leather, allows us to define collections with simple and extrovert models, rich in details that make the accessories unique and special.

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