List of products by brand Daniel & Mayer®

The refined taste of the product.

Daniel & Mayer was initially founded as an Italian manufacturer of shirts, still today the strong point of its collections, and then arrive, with precious knitwear and tailoring, to create real total looks. An adventure that began in the late 60s when Mayer, a young boy, gave shape and concreteness to his passion. At the wheel of a scooter and armed with determination, determination and creativity, he starts looking for fabrics to be then worked in the laboratories, thus beginning to propose to the public, for the first time, his first creations. The refined taste of the product is immediately appreciated, so much so that the young entrepreneur, together with his brother Daniel, opens a stable point of sale where he entrusts the distribution to a network of representatives. Given the great demand of the product, Mayer starts a stable and continuous production of shirts, with the collaboration of the young wife and modeller, Camilla, with whom she creates the models. In 1978 the first showroom was inaugurated in via S. Gregorio 30, Milan, which is still a reference point for the brand image, which establishes the company's entry into the distribution world.

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