List of products by brand Tagliatore®

Focus on great professionalism.

Tagliatore, a brand with a strong evocative meaning, born from the family tradition, has been represented for many years through a simple but effective creative image from a communicative point of view. A case history with a strong emotional impact that puts the product first in all its stylistic light. The evocation of a tailoring already perceived by the image that represents it, each time similar in the setting but different in content. In all these years the company Lerario, has finalized its objectives in supporting and increasing, through skills and skilled labor, an all-Italian production chain with a great distinctive character. Valuing a sector, the manufacturing sector, which, precisely in the Made in Italy, sets the scene for an expansion on world markets, which increasingly require quality also intended as taste and innovation. While most of the Italian manufacturing companies have relocated production to countries with a low labor cost, the Lerario company has preferred to continue to focus on the great professionalism of its 180 valuable collaborators, producing approximately 340 in its company. shoulder garments a day, which are distributed to around 800 customers in Italy and abroad.

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