List of products by brand Brando®

Constant commitment to research.

The momentum towards innovation, continuous experimentation, the desire to propose new products of the highest quality to achieve excellence: these are the characteristics of the Brando brand, and, more in general, of the Lubiam company. Founded in 1911 in Mantua by Luigi Bianchi, LUBIAM soon specialized in the production of tailored men's clothing. The success is immediate and lasting, as the distribution continues to grow and currently boasts strategic markets such as Europe, the United States, Japan and China. The property as well as the guide of Lubiam, acronym of Luigi Bianchi Mantova, remains uninterrupted and firmly in the hands of the family: from the founder Luigi Bianchi the witness passed to Cavalier Edgardo, true pioneer in the Italian industrial panorama, and later to his sons Luigi jr and Giuliano (the current managing director), before arriving at the fourth generation first with Chiara, and today with Edgardo jr, Giovanni, Gabriele and cousins ​​Andrea and Laura Benedini. Brando stands out for its use of innovative materials and finishes and for the refinement of details.

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