List of products by brand Duvetica®

In the name "duvet" the corporate vision.

The history of Duvetica is relatively recent but has over time been a great success for the quality and modern design of its garments. The company was founded in 2004, specializing in the production of quilted jackets in real goose down. The strategy is special: to initially direct sales to the high market and initially only to the Japanese market. According to designers Stefano Rovoletto and Giampiero Vagliano, many Italians, returning from the Rising Sun, wondered what was the origin of the brand known in Japan and how to find it in Europe, and then discovered with surprise that it was a made in Italy. In the name, the company vision: "duvet" (the French term for the precious bow of down) and "ethics" (at the base of the production chain). Varied luxury composition of the final product: the gray goose feathers come from France, the interiors are Japanese and Italian the trendiest fabrics.

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