List of products by brand Richard Smith®

Tradition and contemporaneity.

The style of our brand "Richard Smith" comes from a great passion for tailoring quality, learned in the family for over 40 years in the fashion industry, and cultivated over time. The experience, the training and the continuous desire to improve have merged in the name of the pure and unmistakable Made in Italy style. Our secret is to succeed, with simplicity and ease, to mix tradition and modernity. The result of this synthesis is perceived every time the "Richard Smith" garments are worn. We produce refined and comfortable garments, aimed at a careful and demanding public. The choice of fabrics, the accuracy of details and finishes allow us to achieve results expressly designed for today's man. The choice of materials is carried out in a meticulous manner, such as to have precious fabrics but also modern technical features; the workers employed, together with the experience, realize those parts of the garment in which particularity is needed.

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