List of products by brand Save The Duck®

Recognizable and trendy.

Save The Duck is an Italian brand focused on the production of quilts for men and women. The Save The Duck brand does not produce goose down duvets but rather in synthetic feathers, made of Japanese nylon with a "plume tech" padding, which gives greater warmth, comfort and softness to the wearer. This duvet is a true friend of the ducks, defends their plumage while remaining ultra-thin, colorful, comfortable and pocket-sized, as if it were covered with real feather. No goose down, therefore, but only bright colors, refined materials, trendy lines and style details, allow Save the Duck to offer an eco-friendly product that respects the animals, but not to the detriment of quality, practicality and comfort. Short jackets, long, sleeveless and gilet, coats 'must have' ideal for any situation, perfect for moving around in motorcycles and cars, comfortable to take on the road, thanks to its ability to be 'pocketable' and take up little space in the suitcase. In addition, camouflage prints, camouflage colors but also bright and gaudy, make this garment extremely recognizable and trendy, made even more famous thanks to a logo in the shape of a goose, embroidered on the side of each quilt.

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