List of products by brand Normaluisa®

Easy-chic clothing.

Normaluisa is an easy-chic fashion label for the feminine and refined woman, founded in 2005 by the Italian fashion designer Giorgiana Zappieri. The brand has also presented a collection of colored ballerina in recyclable plastic, Glue Cinderella, born from the collaboration with the Kartell label. The name of the brand originates from family memories that dwell on the inseparable couple formed by the paternal grandmother "Norma" and his sister "Luisa". Normaluisa presents cocktail dresses, tunics and fluttering peplums, one-shoulder dresses and elegant dresses made of light pleated fabrics or "trompe l'oeil" and natural "mat" effect fabrics, suede, stretch cottons, impalpable silks, velvets, nylon and bouclé sweaters. Linked to the bon-ton style and the theme of traveling to distant lands, the maison's dress-up was born in the sign of creativity and freedom, characterized by floral designs and re-batik prints, embroideries, exotic and bright colors, drapes, curls, disordered volumes that caress the female body and give the garments a "rough" effect like a light breeze.

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