List of products by brand Who's Who®

Enveloping and reassuring design.

Who's Who's Who is a brand of clothing and accessories for women, born from the intuition of Massimigliano Dossi, which launches a total look made in Italy, feminine and contemporary, known worldwide for glamorous and colorful design, for the refined materials and for the attention to detail. Who's Who is the brand distinguished by the red asterisk, reinterprets some "best sellers" of the women's wardrobe, like the classic cashmere and silk pullover for her, with a poncho shape, high collar, waist band and batwing sleeves. Belts, sleeves, hats, bags, pochettes and handbags, are available in a rich color palette. The brand offers soft and flared shapes for the summer, for tops and trousers. Colorful patterns, glamorous details, embroidery made with applications of micropaillettes and jewels, are proposed on t-shirts, dresses, capri pants, outerwear and accessories. The continuous geometrization of the shapes are the starting point of Who's Who which makes prints one of the focal points of its collections. Fragmenting and dissecting each geometric element is the recurrent diktat: we start with simple shapes such as the rhombus or the octagon to inscribe micro-chromatic sections inside them. The prints assume a rigorous symmetry moved only by the use of color: natural subjects, such as those of a floral nature, are synthesized in blunt splinters, almost reflecting a shattered mirror. The knitwear, which has always been the protagonist of the collections, lives the contamination of interlocking geometries; jacquard and inlays interpret with emphasis the intersection of colors, meeting the highest expression in the graphic stylization of the tiger, always an artist's fetish animal. Different types of stitches move the coats from the redingote line, defining the sartorial essence, while daring drapes shape the sweaters like peplums, putting revealing deep necks on the back. The sequins, applied on garments with boxy lines, create games of negative positive, in a succession of chromatic alternations. She is a woman with a strong sensuality, who reveals her femininity through slender and strategically balanced silhouettes. Dresses and skirts wrap the figure up to the knee, matching with small jackets with zip and micro ribs. The coats represent the key pieces of the collection: from the enveloping and reassuring design, they are personalized by knit details and multicolor inlay games, illuminated by satin-colored contrasting trim or embellished with metallic locks, proud trademark of the brand. The capitonné of the old leather armchairs that furnish the art salons becomes a form for the stitching that runs on jackets, trousers and skirts: diamond-effect studs decorate leather and jersey. A woman attentive to details, for which art and modernity, geometry and fluidity, light and shadow, memory and future, alternate in a dualism that is always evolving.

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