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A question of DNA.

In 1923 Mario Colombo Manifattura Mario Colombo & C was founded in Monza, one of the most important industrial companies in the production of felt. Monza and the whole Brianza at that time represented a strategic production pole in the production of felt hats. The 1930s marked the first major industrial conversion of Manifattura Mario Colombo for the production of work clothes. At the end of the Second World War, the demand for overalls and work clothes diminished, and then Angelo and Giancarlo Colombo, sons of the founder, sensed the need to produce sportswear. Colmar, acronym of Colombo Mario, became the winning brand used. 1952 marked the year in which Manifattura Mario Colombo & C. with the brand Colmar laid the foundations for becoming the icon of skiing throughout the world. The stylistic division of Manifattura Mario Colombo & C. studied aerodynamic technical clothing for Zeno Colò with whom the great champion won the World Championships in Oslo. Since then Colmar began to dress the national teams of alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and other disciplines such as bobsleigh, jumping and sledding. The '70s bring the unforgettable seal of the Blue Avalanche. To the Thoeni and Schmalzl, to Gros, Radici, Stricker and De Chiesa, Colmar offers a series of race suits envied by everyone. Skiing becomes the sport of the moment and Colmar lives this rapid ascent in first person, climbing on the podium with the Italian champions at the Sapporo and Innsbruck Olympics and at the World Championships in St. Moritz. Colmar began to work in close collaboration with the Italian Winter Sports Federation (FISI), with athletes, with ski instructors, immediately gaining notoriety and consideration as a manufacturer of highly technical and performing clothing. Today, Colmar is among the most important sponsors of the Alpine Ski World Cup and, with success, is the official supplier of winning teams like Croatia and Great Britain. The Colmar product continues its evolution, always keeping pace with the latest innovations, confirms its leadership in the world of sportswear and gains growing authority in segments faced in more recent times: with two different identities, Colmar Originals of sportswear fashion, and Colmar Golf, which develops the technological research and know-how of the brand, even on non-ski fronts.

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