List of products by brand Bottega Martinese®

Quality products produced in series.

In the years to come the company Bottega Martinese grows rapidly and specializes in outerwear: for men, jackets, coats, raincoats for women, jackets, jackets, coats. The items produced in series with the quality of the artisan tailoring soon conquered the local clientele, the peninsula and many foreign countries fascinated by the Made in Italy. With Bottega Martinese, the outerwear, male or female, reaches the highest quality levels, thanks to meticulous workmanship, accurate finishing, the use of refined fabrics and new colors. The lines of the products are clean and essential, but just as refined and elegant. Even today, the company's great challenge remains the loyalty to the principles of quality and efficiency on which it was founded, committing to ensure that all generations of collaborators and employees cultivate these same ambitions over time. Starting from an artisanal process, Bottega Martinese has applied research, optimization and development on an industrial scale, to achieve the tailoring to which its customers are accustomed. These are the guidelines, both for their own brands and for the façon. Bottega Martinese can boast an enviable heritage of technological and tailoring skills, which make each piece a real work of art. A work of art that requires several hours and numerous processing steps, in which each operator, as in a ritual, performs his work with the skill and mastery that have always characterized the company. At each seam passage an ironing passage follows. At each ironing step follow precise rest phases. Each model, each fabric requires a peculiar work that will determine the good portability and elegance of the garment. The quality control phases are extremely rigorous, because every Bottega Martinese garment must be perfect. The checks begin on the fabrics, which verifies both the absence of defects in the weft and warp, and the unavoidable dimensional stability for possible corrections during the cutting phase and to guarantee an optimal yield even to the simplest materials. Each garment passes subsequently to the intermediate controls, above all after each phase of ironing, it is left to rest for a long time and checked again to evaluate the reactions. Only thanks to this rigorous testing system can we guarantee an impeccable quality: the quality of a Bottega Martinese garment.

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