List of products by brand Bonheur®

Wellness, serenity, laughter.

From an innovative idea of ​​FLA International Srl - a company operating in the clothing sector and specialized in the production and distribution of the DENIM product - the new BONHEUR brand comes to life. "Bonheur": Wellness, serenity, laughter. Since the choice of the name the creators of this brand wanted to convey the sense of happiness and bliss. The common thread of the whole project is versatility: the line marketed with this brand is young and comfortable, but at the same time elegant and original. "Bonheur" follows the girl who will wear her garments in every moment of her day: simple and composed in the hours of work, bright and modern in moments of fun. "Bonheur" changes and evolves like fashion and society, is in step with the young to which it directs its models and looks for its style the meeting between elegance and comfort. The "Bonheur" collections are rich in garments, ranging from an assorted range of denim, to a wide variety of men's trousers, to numerous and different types of T-shirts and sweatshirts. "Bonheur" is experimentation and tradition together: Japanese fabrics and ideas made in Italy meet the innovation of new styles and materials. The artisan method of a qualified company entirely at the service of modern washing and original applications. The old and new for the advancing fashion.

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