List of products by brand Kartell®

Experimentation, innovation and technology. 

Kartell has always remained faithful to its DNA, becoming, in over 60 years of history, a true lifestyle icon. Once again the brand goes further and, thanks to a consolidated and inimitable know-how, brings the plastic into new territories, giving life to an unpublished story, among the pages of a precious diary. Taking advantage of the collaboration of fashion brands made in Italy that share them the values ​​(color, irony and the iconic touch of Moschino, the grace and femininity of .normaluisa), Kartell creates collections of footwear in plastic, colored, fun and easy to wear, in which fashion and design they blend. Among the pages of the catalog comes a modern fairy tale, immersed in the corners of the city where Kartell has conceived a project that unites different worlds, but united by the same creative tension. In a mix of romantic and metropolitan suggestions, a product is presented that can satisfy all desires, in a colorful mix of lightness and nonchalance, now sophisticated, now cheeky, strictly in super soft plastic, 100% recyclable.

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